They trust us

Our story

The company RISS-Consulting was born in September 2009 from the meeting between two computer network enthusiasts who wanted to work differently, otherwise. Indeed, with their respective experience, the founders Olivier Guidici and Jean-Paul Guillory have joined forces and created RISS-Consulting. The primary goal of this collaboration was to help and overcome the dysfunction of large corporations. Continuous innovation of our original concept in all areas: Human values, communication methods, technical and strategic operations, financial organizations, choice of partners, which allowed our company to differentiate itself in the provision of service in France. RISS-Consulting is a company specializing in the fields of services in IT, networks and videoconferencing for financial sectors and telecom operators, service companies (SSII), legal services etc …

In a personal and family objective to come to live in Quebec, Olivier decided to found Riss Canada inc in Montreal in 2015. In the discovery of a new market, Riss Canada quickly made a name for itself among its customers. Rich in cultural diversity, the Riss Canada team is above all a big family.

Always concerned about the respect of others and the well being in company Riss Canada favors the personal investment in the development of the company. It is for this purpose that Maxime Caffin and Damien Carpentier joined Olivier in the governance of the company in 2019.

Today Riss Canada has the ambition to become a turnkey solution platform …