Our profession

RISS Canada, based in Montreal, is an IT specialist company who specialized in management and design of network solutions. With a position in France through RISS Consulting and in the United States through RISS California, our goal is to offer to any company our expertise by providing complete and specialized IT services for our clients.

Our skills

Composed by experienced and certified advisors / consultants, the RISS Canada team has developed excellent knowledge in the field of information technology. As a human-sized organization, support in professional development is a crucial point in our development, particularly through trainings and certifications. Thanks to our customizable Lab we offer a unique approach to learning and building skills. This is a guarantee of quality to our customers when we work on their infrastructures transformation.

Our solutions

We specialize in complex and sensitive IT infrastructure networks in banking or government. We offer our clients advices and expertise in the management of their network. Within the operational teams, we manage the production and the incidents according to the ITIL good practices. We work closely with integration teams to ensure a smooth and seamless transition between project and production.

We also work on innovation and network architecture projects. Thanks to our expertise acquired from our customers, we offer and produce concrete solutions meeting the technical and technological requirements of our customers. Our specialists are certified by many manufacturers, which allows us to offer the right recommendations for the equipment and their use.

With our cumulative experience in 3 countries and in multi-client contexts, our ambition is to open our own turnkey solution center in Montreal …